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Connect every landowner with outdoor enthusiasts on a user-friendly platform to create the ultimate outdoors experience for all levels of skill.

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About Us

Hunting and fishing are a part of the fabric of America as old as Plymouth Rock. Unfortunately, the ability for outdoor enthusiasts to connect to landowners is limited to who you know. We recognize this problem and want to create the ability to connect landowners and outdoor enthusiasts across the country by one simple search.

Lendaland began in 2017 as a dream between friends to provide a quick, easy solution for outdoor enthusiasts to find land or water anywhere across the country. Lendaland realizes that landowners have put time, money, and passion into their properties and want to conserve their land for many generations. We believe land and water conservation is the only way to provide a sustainable habitat for wild game to flourish. Lendaland generates supplemental revenue for landowners to continue the conservation of their land through quick, easy transactions with outdoor enthusiasts.

Additionally, Lendaland has the ability to the support any landowner looking to make improvements to their property. We have connections to land management professionals and products from across the country to increase the productivity of any type of land.

We can only preserve the hunt by preserving our land.

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