Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the site, check out this list of answers. If you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected].

When will the Launch Raffle drawing take place?

We are finishing our roadshow in the Midwest. The drawing will take place Friday, April 13th at 5 pm.

What do you do with user info?

Your information is just that; yours. We don't sell your information to any third party. The information we collect is solely for the purposes of running this site. For example; your information is passed through to the payment processor Stripe when you link your account through My Account, and this information is used for processing payments. Your first name is used as a greeting in messages to you. But unlike many sites out there we don't profit from or share your information.

Facebook and Google linked accounts

When you link your Facebook or Google account to Lendaland, you are using their sign-in service to authenticate yourself. The result from our perspective is you do not have a password on our site and instead we rely on Facebook or Google to authenticate you. When authenticated, we ask through their API to provide your name and email (no other information). The name and email we then use for the purposes of this site as if you were a user who signed up with your email address and made a Lendaland user account.

What is the name information used for and where is it displayed?

Your first name is displayed on public areas throughout the site for example: any property you have posted, your user info page, or any messages you send to another user. Your last name is never displayed to another user on the site.

What is the email information used for and where is it displayed?

Your email is used to contact you regarding site news, promotions (if opted-in), and message communication. Your email is never publically displayed to another user on ths site.

If you don't profit from information how do you make money?

Through the payment processing setup we charge 10% of each transation, which the landowner bakes into the cost that the user sees. The bulk of this fee is used for transaction feeds (credit card processing to collect payment, processing fee to distribute funds to the landowner's debit or ACH account, fees to connect to the processing service per user) as well as running the site itself (paying for the cloud technologies that enable Lendaland to run 24/7!)

After all this the remainder is then the profit for Lendland. Even with that said our focus here and Lendaland is user growth and accelerating the process of getting everyone on here, so our goal is to keep margins slim and operating costs as low as possible to assist more and more users in getting out there!

Species available on Lendaland

To find out more about different species and their groupings for map searches, check out Species.

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